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Call for 2019: We will be accepting submissions relating to the theme of “Fact, Fiction, Fabrication” from November 8, 2018 until February 1, 2019 for a May release.

Fact, Fiction, Fabrication: Truth or Lies in Art and Literature

“Perhaps I did not succumb to ideology...because I have never seen myself as a spokesman. I am a witness. In the church in which I was raised you were supposed to bear witness to the truth. Now, later on, you wonder what in the world the truth is, but you do know what a lie is.”

—James Baldwin

The fourth edition of the Vassar Review will investigate the contingent nature of bearing witness in a post-truth episteme. We are interested in works that destabilize the subject/object binary in an embattled cultural environment where the line between fiction and non-fiction blurs with each passing news cycle. Inviting works that straddle or explode conventional genric divides, “Fact, Fiction, Fabrication” seeks to trouble the discursive sources of fact production and formulate alternative modes of political-aesthetic engagement when “truth,” as popularly defined, fails.

General Guidelines

We accept poetry, fiction, literary nonfiction, text, artworks, and images. Excerpts from longer works including dramatic works, screenplays, and graphic novels will also be accepted. Artists working in forms such as video, digital narrative (e.g. hypertext), and other multimedia should feel free to submit. We accept reviews on books, exhibitions, films, etc.

We will not accept previously published works, but previously exhibited visual work is acceptable. Simultaneous submissions are allowed, but please contact us if your work has been accepted elsewhere.

All contributors retain copyright over their individual works.

With each submission, we ask that you please include your name, contact information (mailing and email addresses), and a short cover letter. Submissions to the Arts and Digital Media sections should include the title of the piece, year created, and medium(s). Feel free to add a short description of the work if you think it is necessary.

Furthermore, please indicate the section in which you would like your work to be considered: Art, Digital Media, Fiction, Literary Nonfiction, Poetry, or Reviews. Should you find that your work does not fit one particular section heading, do not worry. These titles are just a means of sorting.

Please send submissions in the highest quality format possible. Tiffs are strongly preferred for visual submissions; due to their large size, you can provide a link to download the files.

Submissions are limited to:

  • Art: 15 works
  • Fiction/ Literary nonfiction: 30 pages
  • Poetry: 6 poems, or 10 pages
  • Reviews: 2 works
  • Digital Media: up to 5 digital works by providing a single URL where the combined submission may be found and reviewed. If a work is accepted for publication, you will be asked to upload all associated files to be hosted in the digital edition.

Submit Work

If you have issues submitting your materials please email them directly to vassarreview@vassar.edu.