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2018–19 Editorial Staff

  • Editor-in-Chief
    • Nicholas Barone ’19
  • Editors-at-Large
    • Palak Patel ’16
    • Alyx Raz ’16
    • Sofia Benitez ’18
    • Catherine Lucey ’19
  • Archives
    • Ronald Patkus
    • Haley Hill ’19
  • Arts
    • Mary-Kay Lombino
    • Dakota Peterson ’19
    • Griffin Pion ’20
  • Digital Media
    • Evelyn Frick ’19
    • Elena Schultz ’19
  • Fiction
    • M Mark
    • Eduardo Rodriguez
    • Aidan Heck ’19
    • Larissa Archondo ’20
  • Nonfiction
    • Amitava Kumar
    • Nicholas Garrison ’19
  • Poetry
    • Molly McGlennen
    • Samantha Leftt ’19
    • Katerina Pavlidis ’20
  • Reviews
    • Farisa Khalid ’05
    • Anna Wiley ’19
    • Hannah Hildebolt ’21
  • Advisory Board
    • Mark Amodio
    • Andrew Ashton
    • David Means
    • Sophia Siddique Harvey
  • Board of Directors
    • Mark C. Amodio
    • Susan DeKrey
  • Vassar Student Review Liaison
    • Jade Wong-Baxter
  • Design
    • Zach Bokhour
    • A.J. Cincotta-Eichenfield
  • Web Design
    • Jeff Macaluso
    • Megg Brown
  • Founding Editors
    • Alyx Raz
    • Palak Patel
  • Printer
    • J.S. McCarthy Printers


The Vassar Review is an international, multidisciplinary literary arts journal that fosters working relationships between faculty, students, and published artists in order to engage its annual theme with rigor and reflective insight.

The journal is a revival of the former literary arts magazine published by the faculty and students of Vassar College from 1927 to 1993, and is released annually. Each academic year culminates with a printed publication and a digital supplement as well as a public launch event at the Frances Lehman Loeb Art Center, itself a testament to Vassar’s commitment to local and global artists from its very beginnings.


The Vassar Review aims to reconsider the traditions that continue to define many publications and structures, those that are not open to all, open to interpretation, or open to change, and unfold it into a collaborative journal that believes the artist’s voice and methods of expression are essential to our daily lives.

Artistically and intimately, we hope to cultivate an international community that holds at its core purposeful expression, visions of things to come, and a revision of what has already been experienced.


In each issue, the magazine’s varied content is anchored by a theme. Content is presented both in print and digital formats to accommodate each work.

Each section has two student editors and one faculty editor. Each section has a general body of readers who work with the student co-editors.


Submissions are accepted each fall. Unsolicited work that arrives at any other time will not be considered. Simultaneous submissions are accepted. We consider all artistic and literary forms, including painting, photography, poetry, fiction, nonfiction, scripts, and screenplays, but also forms that often prove difficult to present, such as new media art, spoken-word poetry and performances, hypertext fiction, and others.


A large thanks to our contributors and to the following individuals and bodies for their support and advice in shaping this issue of the Vassar Review:

Marie Ausanio, Joe Bolander, Megg Brown, Jonathan Chenette, Steve Dahnert, Susan DeKrey, Judith Dollenmayer, Julia Fishman, Catharine Bond Hill, Jeffrey Kosmacher, Daniel Lasecki, Amy Laughlin, Alison Mateer, James Mundy, Dana Nalbandian, Thomas Porcello, Elizabeth Randolph, Andrew Raz, Daria Robbins, Dean Rogers, Tracey Sciortino, Ronald Sharp, Bryan Swarthout, Lisa Tessler, Julia VanDevelder, and Margaret Vetare.

The Dean of Faculty’s Office, the English Majors’ Committee, the Frances Lehman Loeb Art Center, the Office of the President, Vassar College Archives & Special Collections Library, Vassar College Communications, Vassar College English Department, and Vassar College Libraries.