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Call for Submissions

Cycle & Circumstance

“All water has a perfect memory and is forever trying to get back to where it was.”
—Toni Morrison, “The Site of Memory”

The sixth edition of the Vassar Review is a meditation on the cruel cyclicality of our present moment. How do the circumstances in which we find ourselves seem to simultaneously reflect the past and the future? The consequences of the pandemic have been both tragic and enlightening. We have been forced to reckon with the reality that our social institutions are provisional—they have been and can be replaced—though these new iterations, more often than not, resemble their defective past forms. In the midst of our bleak confinement, however, Toni Morrison turns on a light. She asks us whether this worldly chaos is less of an unstoppable ‘flood’ and instead merely a means of finding our way home, like a drop of water surging, by memory, back to its source. 

The Vassar Review is a revival of the literary arts journal published by Vassar College from 1927 to 1993. Each edition approaches its theme as a subject for a discourse of contemporary works across mediums. The journal is released annually in the spring in print and online. We will be accepting submissions relating to the theme of “Cycle & Circumstance” from November 12th, 2020 until January 15th, 2021.

We accept a range of work including poetry, prose, sculpture, soundscapes, performance, scripts, visual and digital media, and beyond. Bilingual texts and excerpts from longer dramatic works such as screenplays and graphic novels are also considered. We do not accept works previously published in print but will consider previously exhibited visual work. Simultaneous submissions are allowed but require that artists notify editors if the work has been accepted elsewhere. All contributors retain copyright over their individual works.

Full guidelines and official submissions form

2019 | Fact, Fiction, Fabrication

2019 Contributor List

Visual Art

  • Inbal Abergil
  • Roger Camp
  • Yael Eban
  • Rory Hamovit
  • Morgan Levy
  • Stefana McClure
  • Thylias Moss
  • khalil anthony peebles
  • Tim Youd


  • Lucy Ackman
  • L. Shapley Bassen
  • Rosaleen Bertolino
  • Kimberly Blaeser
  • Simona Bondavalli
  • Hannah Bonner
  • Anna Ciamparella
  • Brian Clements
  • Valeria Dani
  • Gion Davis
  • Eve Dunbar
  • Quinn Forlini
  • Farisa Khalid
  • Emily Jong
  • Cleo Keahna
  • Christopher Linforth
  • Deborah A Miranda
  • Jasminne Mendez
  • A.W. Moreno
  • Romeo Oriogun
  • Ugonnaora Owoh
  • Eduardo Rodríguez Santiago
  • Sara Santos
  • Kartik Sethuraman
  • Laura Villaseñor