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Call for Submissions

Protest, Prophecy, Play

“And this is a grave responsibility, projected from within each of us, not to settle for the convenient, the shoddy, the conventionally expected, nor the merely safe.”
-Audre Lorde, “Uses of the Erotic”

The eve of 2020 lays bare a world simultaneously pouring over itself in protest and paralyzed by the coerced inevitability of a catastrophic future. Rather than restrict protest to negation, the fifth edition of the Vassar Review asks: to what can we wholeheartedly say “yes”? Driven by an embodied urgency to move towards and not merely against, “Protest, Prophecy, Play” commands as much as it invites. We desire, we beg, we ache for works that move and compel us to moveworks that assure us of the wheres and whens on the horizon.

We will be accepting submissions relating to the theme of “Protest, Prophecy, Play” from November 12, 2019 until January 26, 2020. Learn More

2019 | Fact, Fiction, Fabrication

2019 Contributor List

Visual Art

  • Inbal Abergil
  • Roger Camp
  • Yael Eban
  • Rory Hamovit
  • Morgan Levy
  • Stefana McClure
  • Thylias Moss
  • khalil anthony peebles
  • Tim Youd


  • Lucy Ackman
  • L. Shapley Bassen
  • Rosaleen Bertolino
  • Kimberly Blaeser
  • Simona Bondavalli
  • Hannah Bonner
  • Anna Ciamparella
  • Brian Clements
  • Valeria Dani
  • Gion Davis
  • Eve Dunbar
  • Quinn Forlini
  • Farisa Khalid
  • Emily Jong
  • Cleo Keahna
  • Christopher Linforth
  • Deborah A Miranda
  • Jasminne Mendez
  • A.W. Moreno
  • Romeo Oriogun
  • Ugonnaora Owoh
  • Eduardo Rodríguez Santiago
  • Sara Santos
  • Kartik Sethuraman
  • Laura Villaseñor